Legal Malpractice

You never think about lawyers until you need one. Then all of the sudden something happens and you need help. Maybe you were hurt, maybe an insurance company denied your claim, or maybe someone sued you. You've never been here before, and your life or a loved one's is at stake. You pick up the phone, and call…

But who do you call?

Maybe you call a lawyer your friend told you about. Maybe you call a lawyer you saw on TV. And then you speak with that lawyer, and things start to feel better, because that lawyer made it sound like they could help. You promise to meet them, you hang up the phone, and for the first time you feel some sense of relief. Finally, you have an advocate and an ally.

Fast forward many months or years. Now the problems you asked help for seem even worse. Adding insult to injury, the lawyer you thought was your friend and advocate treats you like you are an adversary. What happened?

If you're reading this, you probably already suspect your lawyer did something wrong. You might be right.

Here is the truth about the profession of law. It's hard. It has the highest rate of alcoholism of all professions in the United States. It has one of the highest rates of burnout. The truth is your average lawyer daydreams about being something else.

Hard to believe, isn't it? Doesn't it seem so glamorous to be a lawyer on TV? The truth is the practice of law is a hard profession that few are cut out for. The truth is like any business, law firms need to make cash flow. And what many law firms don't tell you is that they spend millions to hundreds of thousands every year just to get your call.

What does that mean for you? Despite all the nice things you were told at the beginning, most lawyers don't know what they are doing. The big firms you see on TV are always crushed for cash. It always results in one thing, you being pressured into a deal that doesn't seem right. Even worse, you lost your case and have nothing. According to your lawyer, there was nothing else he or she could have done.

If you trusted a lawyer and now feel betrayed, my firm can help. Please feel free to call us.

We never charge a fee for initial consultations*, and we take most cases on a contingent basis. That means we never charge a fee unless and until we get you paid.

* We do not provide free initial consultations for inquiries relating to claims of defamation.